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I am an almost Forties husband, father of three and friend who is trying to live more happily, simply and productively. It’s a journey, not a destination and so this blog diarises my successes and failures. While not always easy I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I live on acreage outside Canberra, the capital city of Australia, in a cool climate wine region. My morning walks are through and past the many vineyards nearby. We have a Noah’s Ark of animals to keep us company and from whom I’m constantly learning. I enjoy playing tennis and golf although the frequency with which I actually play is not good. I was fortunate enough to live for a year in Ecuador, South America as a late teen and amongst other things I learned to speak Spanish which I still use today.

I studied Political Science along with Spanish & Latin American Studies at university and today work in a senior position in a large Australian management & technology consulting company.

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  1. So Australia eh? I am a teacher and just last week I was talking to a group of 10 year old students about how the seasons happen. They were amazed at the idea that people in the Australia are having winter in June, July, and August. I told them that the kids in Australia would be opening Christmas gifts to find bathing suits and pool toys rather than the sweaters and jackets that we get here. They had never thought about it that way. It is kind of strange to think about.

    How is it down under? Ever feel like you are going to fall off the earth? he he. You have probably never heard that one before have you?

  2. Well Australia is such a large country (and continent!) that you really need to be living in the south to experience all four seasons. The northern part of the country just has a wet and dry season for the most part. I love living where we do (in the south) because of all the autumn colours we get. But yes, we are heading into winter here. Have just started lighting our wood heater this past week. Brrrr.

    Christmas here is definitely different to the northern hemisphere. Hot as you say and also the time of year when kids are on their long break from school (about 6 weeks). It’s often the time families go away on vacation so Christmas and New Year are just as likely to be spent away from home as not. And of course growing up here it has never made much sense watching all the Christmas movies on TV and seeing it snowing :) .

    Finally, digging our toes into the ground so as not to fall off the earth is a skill that all Australian children learn at birth so it comes pretty naturally really. ;)

  3. Simon,
    Is there a way to subscribe to your site?

  4. Sure. Over on the right hand side click the Entries RSS link and that should launch your RSS Reader so you can subscribe.

  5. Hey, you doing ok? Haven’t hear a new word from you in a while.

  6. Hey Simon,
    Check this out. I made the big times!

  7. Hey Simon,
    Check this out. I made the big times!

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