Posted by: Simon | May 9, 2008

Happiness is a distracting view….

I think it’s okay if you duff your shot when the view distracting you is this good. This was taken in Port Vila, Vanuatu on our last trip there. I love the varied colours of the South Pacific water and the lush tropical vegetation. I lost my ball off to the right somewhere…and I didn’t care :) .


  1. OK, What is “duff your shot”? I don’t think we have that shot in the US. He he.

    I see why you lost your ball. It’s beautiful. I could live there!

  2. ‘THE’ ball, dearest – I think you should say ‘THE ball’ not ‘MY ball’. It gives a completely different mental image.

  3. OOOH! Don’t go there my friend! My mental image didn’t go there but now you messed with it. Take it back!

  4. That view is awesome. Reminds me of a golf course in Araluen, Perth, Australia. You hit the ball from up the top of a hill like that and just watch it fly – it’s a great feeling :) Too bad about the duff…… (I hope you took another shot)

  5. @Laurie: I have wondered whether I would start to take the view for granted if I lived there and saw it every day? I sincerely hope not but really there’s only one way to find out!….

    @Alyson: hmmm…not sure what to say…nothing witty comes to mind unfortunately….something about one of the ball washing machines on the course perhaps?…..

    @Peter: The panorama was incredible. Camera doesn’t unfortunately do it justice. I should really have carted a bucket of balls up there and spent a bit longer. I’ll do a search for Araluen pics. Your comment reminded me of one of the holes on the beautiful course near our old house in Alice Springs. Central Australia. High tee with a stunning desert landscape on either side with the Macdonnell Ranges in the background. What is it about the high tees, eh?

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