Posted by: Simon | April 23, 2008

The happiness of a cat….

There really doesn’t seem to be much downside to being a cat……

….at least not this one. Winston is very at home on our 5 acres and has decided that his outside home is atop the ride-on mower. From here Win can gaze across the paddocks, unable to hear the quietness over his loud purring. He has a charmed life really, nothing much is asked of him (save his choice of toilet location) and he does little in return. He does seem very contented. And he was most indignant on the weekend when I showed up, fuel drum in hand, dislodging him as I flipped the seat forward on the mower.

Seeing the world from his perspective, his simple life’s pretty good. He doesn’t over-complicate it and he certainly isn’t stressed. He gets on with the other animals around him, even tolerating the occasional soaking lick from his Irish Wolfhound house mate. He behaves very well around all the humans in his life such that they are always happy for him to curl up on them and to give him a pat.

How much could we all benefit from slowing down, admiring the view and valuing how good our life already is?


  1. When we traveled as I was growing up, my mom would always point out the “Scenic Route” signs on the highway and want my dad to take it.

    I think when we take the time to slow down and get off the main path, we see and enjoy more of what life has to offer. That’s when you find the wild strawberries in life to taste and enjoy. I say detours are wonderful!

  2. I love the image of the scenic detour and discovering wild strawberries Laurie. It’s taken me many, many years to understand that the journey is more important often than the destination. Definitely trying to make that a priority in our family these days. Not always successful mind you….”Are we there yet? Are we there yet?” :)

  3. It’s definitely all about the journey. The destination often changes with things that happen in life so if it’s all about the destination, you spend all your time focusing on the future and missing the present. I am trying to be more present in life.

    So what’s Australia like?

  4. Hmm..where to start on Australia? Definitely a land of many contrasts. Most of the population lives, in relative terms, on the coast of the country. There’s a vast, arid interior. We live approximately two hours drive from the beach in a cool climate wine region. We can drive two and half hours to the largest city, Sydney or six and half hours to the second largest city, Melbourne. I enjoy visiting both. The centre of Canberra, our national capital, is 45 minutes away. We lived in the centre of Australia, in the desert for three and a half years – loved every moment of it but missed the beach too. Spectacular scenery and great people unified by their isolation (12 hours drive on the highway to the nearest small city!). Tropical in the north and cooler in the south. Tallest point in Australia is about 3 hours drive from here in the middle of our alpine region. We rarely get snow on the ground here but often see it on the nearby ranges in winter. Hot air ballooning is very popular in this region and at this time of the year (autumn) one of the biggest balloon festivals is held in Canberra.

  5. As you can tell hot air balloons are special to me. I have riden in one and so has my son and hub. This balloon picture is one my son took at the Plano Balloon Festival in Plano Texas (just south of where I live). We go every year. My son and hub has been to the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta in New Mexico several years ago. MY son wants to get his ballooning license some day.

    It sounds very cool “Down under”. Have you ever been to the Barrier Reef? That’s where I would love to go. I have not traveled much in my life. Around the US but not out of it. I’ve never had the money to do it.

    Thanks for the verbal tour of your country. Maybe one day I can make it out to that part of the world. I’d also love to go to Alaska (I know, still US) and maybe China although that is a bit scary to me.

  6. Our Air Force here uses a hot air balloon for PR for the Armed Services. Several years ago now I use to help crew it early in the morning around Canberra and also travelled away with it. Actually went flying twice, just so peaceful. Have a look at

    Never been out to the Barrier Reef proper although I’ve spent a fair bit of time up that way and have travelled around some of the small islands. I feel pretty lucky because I’ve managed to travel to every one of the 7 States in Australia and have lived in 5 of them. All very different in their own way.

    Last time I was in the US was 1999 and I visited San Antonio for work as part of a longer trip. That’s the only part of Texas I’ve seen save a transit in Houston and DFW once. I liked it a lot though – got to use my Spanish :) .

  7. I was in San Antonio back in Feb. for a training with my job. It’s a fun town. DFW? what a monster of an airport. I think there is a beast in that place that will go around and eat people. It is a huge place.

    This link is to our annual balloon festival. If you go into it, you will find a “photo” link of the left menu bar. It’s a lot of fun to go to.

    I love reading what you write. I can see your accent coming through in your word choice. He he. Fun. Australian accents are the coolest anywhere. Texas accents sound hickey. Yes, you get to use your Spanish around here. If you’re a bilingual teacher, no problem getting a job.

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