Posted by: Simon | April 15, 2008

Which side of your body would you choose?

The other day my seven year old daughter started to ask me a question that I thought was one of those questions that she is want to ask. You know the type. It’s the type that you can never answer to her satisfaction and results in the numerous follow up “But why?” questions that leave me usually struggling for words. On the first sign of such a question I immediately enter fact based mode – I try to have my wits about me and my brain engaged ready to comb the possible answer permutations as quickly as possible so as to limit the number of “But why?” follow ups to a single digit. As I don’t get to the golf course or tennis courts nearly as much as I need to it’s really the only sport I have these days.

Anyway, with me already preparing possible answers the question I got was:

“Dad, if you could only keep one side of your body for some reason which one would you choose?”

With lightning processing speed I had my answer and I could even sense a record might be in the offing – after all my answer was going to be virtually indisputable. I’m right-handed so that would be the obvious….

“I’d choose my left side Dad because that’s where my heart is……I can always learn to write and stuff with my left hand” she blurted, cutting me off.

I was floored. I was focused externally, on the black and white, on evidence, on logic. My daughter was focused internally, on her inner being, on sustainment of life and on being happy.

Which side of your body would you choose?

Photo: Bob.Fornal


  1. I think I would choose my right side. That side of the brain has the creative side. It has the side that makes you feel one with the energy around you. I think only having that side would be somewhat euphoric. The left side would spend all its time being logical. Boring!

  2. I like it Laurie – lateral thinking!

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